Server side

ViewState allows the state of objects (serializable) to be stored in a hidden field on the page.  ViewState is transported to the client and back to the server, and is not stored on the server or any other external source.  ViewState is used the retain the state of server-side objects between postabacks.


1. Server.Transfer is a server event; Response.Redirect involves the client’s browser

2. Server.Transfer transfers page processing from one page directly to the next page; Response.Redirect is used to redirect the user’s browser to another page or site.

3. Server.Transfer does not make a round-trip to the client’s browser. Response.Redirect performs a round-trip to the client’s browser

4. Server.Transfer provides a faster response with a little less overhead on the server.  Response.Redirect provides a slower response

5. Server.Transfer does not update the clients url history list or current url. Response.Redirect causes the user’s browser history list to update and reflect the new address.

inetinfo.exe: Microsoft IIS server

aspnet_isapi.dll: ISAPI filter (more

aspnet_wp.exe: Actual worker process

ISAPI extensions handle specific incoming requests to the IIS server. Extensions are loaded when they are first needed and kept in memory until the host process shuts down